Milgrom Family Tree

This tree traces the descendants of Samuel and Becky Milgrom, both from their first marriages--to Ezriel Nuremberg and Leah Milgrom (both were widowed)--and from the children they had together.

They (story of how they met and where?). Originally from Ozarow, Poland, the Milgrom family is now made up of over 250 people and spans the United States and Canada, with a few making their home in other places across the globe.

The Milgrom Family

On this page, you will find a complete family tree as well as information about and pictures of the descendants of Samuel and Becky Milgrom.

The website will include stories, pictures, dates, and documents about each family member, sourced by the family.

If you are a member of the family, please email if you have any information, pictures, or documents to contribute! We are looking forward to making this a rich and interesting compilation of the history of the Milgrom family.


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